I made a new McAbby video… For anyone who is interested 

I made this! But I posted it first on my personal account. I hope you guys like it! I’m sorry I’m so terrible at keeping this blog up to date… Here’s my present to you :)

DiNozzo Wallpaper

By: Abbysciuto90

Mcgee Wallpaper

By: Abbysciuto90

Director Jenny Shepard Wallpaper

By: Abbysciuto90

Halloween Wallpaper

By: Abbysciuto90

Ducky Wallpaper

by: Abbysciuto90

Abby Wallpaper

by: abbysciuto90

So then… The Queue ran out and everything got awkward…

SORRY! I love you all! In reward for my fail-tastic behavior I’ll post some NCIS wallpapers I made about a year ago (keep in mind… I made them about a year ago)


If you have suggestions… Suggest them :)

Reason2LoveNCIS: Palmer’s abs… That is all…

Reason2LoveNCIS: Jimmy and Breena